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Connal Kit - The Importance of Wolf

Posted on December 17 2019

Connal Kit Grey Wolf Wild Earth Guardians

The Importance of Wolf:

Kate Connal's sense of adventure was strongly inspired by the writings of Rudyard Kipling.  

"Now this is the Law of the Jungle - as old and as true as the sky;
And the Wolf that shall keep it may prosper, ..., ..., 
For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack." 
... from Kipling's poem "The Law of the Jungle"

Cycling, Cycle Touring and Bike Adventures are more fun with the support and encouragement of the pack. The pack being all who provide support in any way along the journey.  

As cyclists and travellers, we feel the wolf spirit when exploring - that deep desire for freedom and to live each moment. The wolf’s commitment to family is inspiring, their communication skills supreme and their movement fluid. 

For CONNAL Kit the wolf represents spirit, loyalty & strength, to trust our hearts and minds and trust our instincts to have control over our lives. The CONNAL Kit logo reminds us of the wolves' strong connection to nature and association with regeneration of the planet. 


Connal Kit Cycling Jersey logo Connal Kit Wolf Logo Connal Kit cycling Jersey Wolf Logo


The recognition that the wolf, as an apex predator, is part of the earth’s balance of nature and how it has been instrumental in the regeneration of parts of the planet has inspired us to use it as our logo.   The Yellowstone National Park story of the reintroduction of wolves, shows a natural solution for the regeneration of denuded landscapes, solving an imbalance of nature.  For CONNAL Kit, the wolf represents hope in regenerating the planet so that your children and their children can enjoy riding in clean air, amongst strong forests and plains, where the waters of the earth are crisp and clear and the natural balance of plants and animals has returned.

CONNAL Kit strongly believes that there is a way forward, but every means of communication must be used to achieve change.  Private enterprise will lead the way.  Our contribution includes telling the stories we come across that are having a positive impact, like Yellowstone, to provide hope and motivation.

The clearing of vast amounts of bushland and forest over generations has had a negative impact on this planet and its people.  There are instances however where regeneration of the land by innovative people is resulting in amazing transformations.  Our roots are in rural Western Australia and like many Australians we have a strong affinity with country.  We are disturbed by the increase in salt affected land, streams and rivers, the demise of large areas of native bushland, the loss of natural habitats for our unique animals, the destruction of our native flora along with the intensity of monoculture farm practices.  Charles Massy in his book “Call of the Reed Warbler” gives illustrations of a new agriculture that regenerates the landscape, provides a sustainable future and food with greater nutrition. "A New Agriculture, a New Earth."

CONNAL Kit cycling gear carries the wolf to reflect our values.  The people wearing CONNAL Kit are reminded by the wolf that the planet needs balance, that change is required, and that by encouraging nature to take its course in regeneration there can be a bright future. Also to support and encourage those around us and to recognise the significance of caring for our planet. 

For Inspiration and further reading and viewing:

National Geographic - Yellowstone Wolves 

Sustainable Man - How Wolves Change Rivers

Charles Massy "Call of The Reed Warbler"

Greg & Jen as we approach 2020


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