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Cycle Touring Gear

Posted on February 01 2020

Cycle Touring Gear What to use.

We try to spend wisely when acquiring gear for travelling. Everything we travel with must have a useful purpose and work for multiple trips. I saw a beautiful photo on Instagram today from a Warm Showers host - the travelling cyclist was heading off with plastic buckets strapped to either side of the bike and a piece of dowel roped onto the bike to use as a bike stand. His bike was old.

How much you spend on bike touring gear is entirely up to you and your budget. You can travel very simply without expensive gear. Some gear just makes the journey more enjoyable and can make life easier on the road. Here we will refer to products we use and are happy to recommend. We often haven't tried alternative products and are always on the lookout for useful cycling or travelling gear. 

Quad Lock Smartphone Bike Mounts

The Quad Lock® smartphone Bike Mounts are the lightest, strongest and most secure smartphone bike mount on the market. 3 types of mount. 

Highly recommend the Quad Lock. Get your 10% discount through this QuadLock link 

I finally purchased one of these to enable me to have my phone on the bars in line of sight rather than stashed in a back pocket. Now I can use my various navigational tools and check for any urgent messages or calls easily without having to stop and check my phone. When my Garmin is out of action I can still easily record my ride on Strava from my phone. As my bike has a short stem I opted for the out front mount with the optional camera mount which will also allow me to attach my GoPro Hero8 Camera underneath my phone to record our rides. 

EVOC Bike Bags

When we fly with our bikes, which we have done on numerous occasions, we pack our bikes into EVOC Bike Travel Bags. These have proved to be durable, easy enough to pull on their wheels when moving through an airport or shortish walks to accommodation. To date our bikes have not suffered any damage during long haul flights from Australia to Europe and domestic flights within Australia.

Bike Travel Bags are suitable for transporting almost any type of bike. They are a hybrid construction combining the advantages of a hard shell case with the properties of a soft bag.


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